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Welcome to The Brain Training Academy.

We specialise in helping you achieve your goals, whether they are personal, business based or something broader.

The Brain Training Academy have tailored their services with one thing in mind: you. Every individual person is different, and requires different methods to help them. We have worked with clients to help them with stress and anxiety management, to quit smoking, weight loss, amongst many other things.

One thing that us unique to us is our specialist Work Place Hypnotherapy. Using our wealth of knowledge of hypnosis techniques, we can help your business function more productively and your staff to combat areas that may need fine-tuning.

Get in touch with us today to find out how we can help you begin your journey towards reprogramming your mind for success; personal and professional.


Mindfulness meditation is a form of mental training that supports the mind to be more focussed, clear and effective.

It has been proven to be powerful practice in effectively managing stress.

Upgrade your “inner” technology of attention, to meet with the external demands of our increasingly complex world for you and the rest of the work place.

Work Place Hypnotherapy

Our fantastic work place hypnotherapy is an innovative way to increase business and staff productivity.

We can work with you to increase employee retention and workplace happiness, along with reducing staff sick days .

We will work together with your HR and Management teams to discover each business's requirements, and will tailor a workshop to fit with this.


Stress and Anxiety can be debilitating to your every day life.

Our techniques can help you manage this, however it impacts your life. Don't let stress and anxiety win - start tackling it head on and take back control.

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Weight Loss

Are you struggling with weight loss? For some people, this can be a constant battle; affecting your body and self-esteem.

Over the years, Hypnotherapy has become a very popular method to help you on your journey to reach your weight loss goals.

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Stop Smoking

Stopping smoking can impact you both physically and mentally.

Let us support you with this life-changing decision, by offering you our specialist hypnotherapy sessions, designed to make it easier for you to quit for life.

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Reprogram your mind for success through hypnotherapy. Whatever your reason for looking in to Hypnotherapy, begin your journey today - we can't wait to help you get there.

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Personal Hypnotherapy

Whatever your reason for looking in to Hypnotherapy, you will find it can help with many personal issues or elements of life.

We work with people to help them with stress and anxiety, phobias and smoking and weight loss.

Please do not hesitate to get in touch with us for more information or to book your appointment today.


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